New park in Shavano Park (De Zavala and Military)

We found a great little park that’s not even on the map yet! It’s always fun to know a local secret place to get outside.

The city of Shavano Park recently built a nice playground with that squishy rubber ground stuff, a huge pavilion you can reserve, and a short set of trails on the property. Plenty of parking, basically no one there, but the security of knowing your literally 200 feet from a police station with cameras all over the place ….so there’s far less weirdo’s over there than at O.P. Schnabel (ask a friend how to pronounce that one).

Just north of the corner of De Zavala and Military highway is the “Shavano Park Municipal Tract” – or a block of land about 20-something acres large. The police station and 911 call center is there,

After we picked up some Gino’s Deli down the road we picnicked at their pavilion – but fun fact – there’s almost no tables because they only get them out for you if you rent the thing. But there’s 5 or 6 nice wood picnic tables around and its all shaded by trees. Other fun fact – did you know Gino’s was #21 on  Yelp’s top 100 in the country? Gino’s philly steak sandwiches with their hot sauce are so good…

But this is about the park. I snapped some quick photos from my phone – take a peek.

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