Pickleball Courts in San Antonio

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Where can you find pickleball courts and places to play in San Antonio? Here’s an initial but growing list of all the places to play pickleball in the San Antonio area grouped by what parts of town they are in, and further divided by Public & free, or Private & fee required.

I’ve been disappointed with the results on apps like Where2Play, and the information on city parks & rec pages are incomplete or not that helpful. Playing tennis is easy and free everywhere – why does it have to be so hard to find the same resources for Pickleball? Let’s fix that….

I’m going to all the places listed on city websites and local Facebook groups to help you know what each place is really like.

Places to play pickleball on the northside of San Antonio

Places to play pickleball on the northside of San Antonio

Oak Haven Park: 1 Tennis court painted with pickleball lines. Not lighted or shaded.
Address: 16400 Parkstone, San Antonio, Texas 78232

Blossom Park: 2 tennis courts only partially painted for pickleball. The city’s website says its painted for pickleball, but that’s just not accurate. The rest of the park is really cool. The Spurs funded a bunch of renovations to it. Maybe the courts had dedicated pickleball lines before the renovations?

O’conner High school /NISD tennis courts

(fee) Chicken N Pickle. Great place with $5 open place hours as well as a higher fee the rest of the time. It’s like TopGolf but for pickleball. They are making money hand-over-first until the city builds more courts.

(fee) Jewish Community Center (aka “The JCC”)

(membership) Lifetime Fitness

(private gated apartment) Villas at the Rim

Places to play pickleball downtown and inside the the 410 loop

Fairchild Park

Morgan’s Wonderland

Places to play pickleball on the eastside and towards New Braunfels

Cibolo Nimetz park

Olliewoods Oasis