New for 2022: Guided paddleboard and kayak tours at Wally’s Watersports at Medina Lake

There’s not a ton of places to rent paddleboards at Medina Lake, but if you go to MICO on the south side of Medina Lake, there are a few rental shops. Wally’s has both kayak and paddleboard rentals that go along with their real bread-and-butter of ski & wakeboard instruction (check out their photos on their site – their instructor Mike is an OG.)

Here’s three things I like about renting paddleboards at Wally’s Watersports:

First, it’s a good value. You can rent Stand-up Paddleboards for $45 for 4 hours – which is a great “per hour” rate for on-location rentals.

Second, they do guided experiences. I intentionally say “experiences” instead of tours. New for this year is a 1 hour or 1 ½ hour guided rental package where you’re instructed in SUP, taken on a tour of the lake coastline, and guided in mindfulness techniques. Quick pause – What’s mindfulness? Mindfulness is a relaxation and stress-reducing technique similar to, but different than meditation. It’s intended to help you focus on the senses and feelings in the moment. It’s intended to be simple by not trying to reaching some deep thoughts or personal revelations. Mindfulness includes breathing exercises, visualization, and other things that calm your concern over how the world is basically a hot mess. 

Last, its one of those fun hidden gem places – like that incredible hole-in-the-wall taco place (looking at you Tacos n Salsa!) or that underutilized city park that people don’t seem to find. Everyone needs a party-trick where they can say “I was at this cool hole in the wall place last weekend” and be the most interesting person in the room for 5 minutes. Wally’s Watersports is your party-trick.

Unlike many public launch and park areas, Wally’s Watersports is private. You’re able to unwind and avoid that one guy who’s always blasting his bro-country stereo. While you’ll generally have the place to yourself you may occasionally cross another group of those enjoying water ski lessons – which may be inspiring or hilarious or both.

Medina Lake has some of the cleanest lake water in Texas from the filtering nature of all the limestone. Its not crystal clear like the spring-fed San Marcos River, and the water level (and where the waterfront is) varies a lot. So you win some and loose some, but overall the water quality is great to play and swim in. Even during windy days, the lake has protected coves in parts if things are more choppy than normal.

What’s it like there?

When you park at Wally’s Watersports you’ll be welcomed in, given information about the area you’ll soon be enjoying, then guided down to the lake for a short hike to a private dock. Inflatable, mid-level SUP’s are pre-set and launched for you. If you are not experienced on a paddleboard, the staff will help you get started. The covered dock and adjacent picnic table with umbrella are yours to enjoy for the duration of your rental. Bring a cooler with your eats and drinks. The back of a cove rarely has other traffic than the occasional fisherman in the area surrounding the dock. Think “hole in the wall restaurant” but for SUP rentals – This private setting is a great get away and the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Wally’s Watersports Mindfulness Paddleboard experience is guided by a certified Lifestyle Coach (the same organization that certifies personal trainers has a cert for nutrition + weight called “lifestyle” coaching). Enjoy a short guided hike through a peaceful, rustic hill country setting to the first stop of the mindfulness experience: a tranquil bridge to enjoy nature while getting centered and adjusting to a slower pace…Lake time. You’ll enjoy the ever-changing lake shore as you complete the hike to the dock. Taking off onto the clear waters of Medina Lake, you’ll be guided through various mindfulness techniques as you enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding hills.

I pulled the prices from their website here:

SUP rentals – $45/person for 4 hours, 2 person minimum, includes transport to dock and use of private dock and picnic table. Reservations are strongly suggested particularly on weekends. Want to make a day of it and enjoy all Wally’s Watersports has to offer? Call for package pricing which includes lessons, SUP/kayak rentals and private use of the area for the day! Let us do the driving and the launching is already done for you! Guided Mindfulness Paddleboard Experience – $100/2 people for a 60 minute experience or $150/2 people for a 90 minute experience, additional hours of SUP rental are $10/hour/person. No prior paddleboard experience is necessary. Enjoying the experience in a kayak is also an option.

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