GlowRow! An awesome lighted paddle tour in the Corpus, Port A and Port O’Conner area

“Hey all! Cici here down in Port Aransas – I got the pleasure of getting a sneak peak into – one of the newest and most interesting companies that I’ve come across. When I first heard it the first thing that came to mind was bioluminescent – and I was exactly… wrong.

I hadn’t heard of the Crystal Kayak tours in San Marcos, and totally missed this is a “lighted and guided” tour! What makes GlowRow so unique is their equipment. Their kayaks are completely transparent, and it’s lit up with LED lights which illuminate the water beneath you. I would compare it to snorkeling without getting wet.

The signup process was simple. Everything was self-explanatory on the website and the coolest thing was that the price came to $40 even per person. The folks at GlowRow said they are the only night time kayak tour company on the Texas coast that’s got the “okay” from Texas Parks and Wildlife and the US Coast Guard’s compliance rules.

The night started off with signing a waiver as most kayaks have in place, but they described it to use with some personality (like Southwest before the whole airline industry got stressed out…). After everyone arrived and checked in, the guide then started the safety briefing. I was not expecting to be laughing as much as I did from a kayak safety briefing. It was anything but dry.

The guide helped everyone board each boat and the group of us took off.  The boats are all tandem kayaks and they can take out up to 10 at a time.  Our group was fully booked, and the experience of everyone’s kayaks lighting up the water around us was simply spectacular.  The guide took us on a route where we had small bait fish LITERALLY jumping into our boats with us. Remember that scene in “Life of Pi?” Not quite like that – but still frightening yet exhilaratingly funny at the same time. I have never experience something so fun. 

The guide was entertaining to say the least, cracking silly jokes along the way, but more importantly he made me feel very safe. He knew the water, the obstructions and even caught a fish with his bare hands (then let it go – what are we going to do with a fish?). It was quite a sight, almost like the modern-day Crocodile Dundee. #classics

The tour covered roughly 1 mile and it was a fast hour and half.  Time flies when you’re having fun and oh man did we have fun. I am definitely going back.  After I looked further into the company, they have several different routes and I hope I get to go on each and every one of them.  

I forgot to mention that the company is 18+ and then 21+ BYOB on the boat only.  It is the perfect date night atmosphere; we left the kiddos at home and for the hour and half that we were out it was magical under the star’s small plastic bottle of wine in hand and simply living in the moment of the magic.  I couldn’t have had a more perfect night for someone like myself that loves the water.”

Brennen here – CiCi had a great time and I wanted to pass on the good vibes. So if you stop by there, tell them you heard about it from I don’t get anything from them for writing about them. I just think they are super cool, and hope wherever you go in Texas, that you can easily find great places to get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

So go check them out at

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