The best electric stand-up paddleboard (SUP) pump

What I’ve learned from owning half a dozen electric pumps over the years.

What’s the best electric pump for your inflatable paddleboard? My goal is to give you an unbiased, detailed and clear review so you can make a quick decision on what to get without that feeling of regret or dealing with a product return. I’ve owned about 7 or 8 different electric air pumps for my paddle board fleet over the years, and recently there are a few new pumps on the market that are getting a lot of attention.

I did a side-by-side comparison of three pumps that are a good representation of all the pumps available:

  1. A dual-stage “Shark II” pump by Outdoor Master
  2. A dual-stage pump by Serine Life that has at least 10 other private labels brands,
  3. An inexpensive single-stage pump.

Speed, price and features matter.

These are the most-to-least important aspects when choosing a pump. Brand names don’t really matter much, as nearly all pumps have the exact same level of quality of the electronics and mechanics. Some brands have cooler logos or sleeker-designed shapes, but they all have the same ‘guts’ inside from the same factories in China. (Literally, they are all made in China. Email me if you find an American-made SUP pump.)

So what electric paddle board pump setup is best?

The best value pump is a generic brand, 20 PSI, dual-stage pump. It inflates in the shortest time of around 6 minutes – the same speed as the most expensive brand name pump – and has all the same bonus features except for a cooling fan but for just 2/3rds the price. With the price savings, I recommend getting a battery that will let you use the pump away from your car.

Watch my detailed YouTube review at the top, or find my super simple Amazon shopping list here with all 3 pumps, seats, life-jackets and my other favorite SUP accessories below

click to see the full list

What about the built-in-battery rechargeable pumps?

… like the OutdoorMaster Whale and others? I recommend getting the best pump for you, then just buying a separate battery. A built-in battery is harder to deal with if the battery or pump have an issue, plus separate batteries are helpful other places. I’ve already found the best battery and adapter cord you need on my “favorite things” lists here.

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